The Proof

is in the pudding, with a few trade secrets!

At Little Tring Cakes

We use only the best fresh ingredients. Our cakes are baked daily and we cut no corners and remain true to our baking ethos; do not use any ingredients that would not look at home in your own kitchen cupboard.

We will always encourage you to visit our Bakery, so we can discuss your cake needs in more detail and you can see how your cakes are made, allowing you to pass on in- depth knowledge of your cakes to your staff and customers.

Trade Secrets

With programmes such as Great British Bake Off sweeping across the UK, clued up home bakers are now a dime a baker’s dozen (excuse the pun). Therefore, when customers are grabbing a sweet treat from their local café, a cake or baked treat purchased from your general supplier that can also be found in a rival coffee shop down the road may no longer cut it.

Your cake needs to be good, delicious and above all else, it needs to be unique to you. As a customer, why buy something you can make just as well (if not better) at home?

Here at The Tring Cake Company we supply truly delicious unique whole cakes, traybakes and round cakes. We are available for advice throughout your cake journey and can help with what will sell best for you, how to care for your cakes, storage guidance, shelf life and allergen information including labels and advising on food safety regulations.